For Your Convenience and Safety We Use Digital X-Rays


Dental fear is very real for thousands of Americans, and at Zehtab Family Dentistry we want to make sure you feel as safe and comfortable as possible. Our staff is experienced and well trained to provide a variety of sedation options. We want you to be anxiety-free during your dental treatment procedure. Visit our Lake Oswego office for additional information about which sedation option may be appropriate for you.

Dr Zehtab is an Invisalign® Preferred Provider. Invisalign® is an industry leader when it comes to straightening teeth quickly, conveniently, and comfortably. The system utilizes a series of clear, removable aligners to sequentially straighten your teeth over a 9- to 15-month time period. Aligners are created based upon impressions of the patient’s teeth, and each sequence lasts approximately two weeks. No metal wires or brackets are involved, so oral hygiene is easier to maintain and requires fewer follow-up visits.

Dental implants are the preferred choice for patients who need to replace missing teeth. They look and feel real, and they are usually durable enough to last a patient for the rest of his life. Implants also preserve the strength of the underlying bone structure. The multi-step process involves three procedures, beginning with a metal anchor implanted in the jawbone. In the second procedure, a titanium rod is attached to the metal implant. Finally, a replacement tooth is bonded to the titanium rod.


Welcome to Zehtab Family Dentistry!

I love what I do. As a dentist, I love going to my office and working with an amazing group of experienced team members and wonderful patients whose lives we improve each and every day. Of course we have a beautiful office and the latest technology, but what excited me the most every day is that we really make a difference in peoples’ lives with cosmetic dentistry. Invisalign and Implants can completely change how someone looks at themselves. We’ve had the opportunity to care for some celebrities and improve their lives and self-esteem as well.

We are also proud to participate in many events to help people in our lovely community every year. Some of the organizations and community programs we work with include:

  • Oregon Mission of Mercy (MOM)
  • Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts
  • Forest Hills PTA
  • KGW Great Toy Drive
  • Lake Oswego Wine Walk
  • Laker Dance Team
  • American Cancer Society

Now that you know more about our practice and our amazing team, I would like to invite you to come visit our wonderful office to see for yourself!